How to Use Robinhood, Webull and Other Trading Apps

I’ve touched on this topic a little in a previous blog, “How to Invest Your Stimulus: Investing for Beginners“, but I want to go more in detail so you can fully utilize your trading app to get the best experience. There are numerous trading platforms and apps you can use to trade stocks, each has there own unique twist. There’s some older more traditional names like Fidelity and E*Trade and newer names like Robinhood and Webull. I have personally used Robinhood, Webull, and Stash for stock trading and out of those three I prefer Webull.

In my opinion, Webull is the best trading app because it gives you the most options to choose from among graphs, such as a simple line graph, candlestick graphs, and multiple others. It also has a “Community” section where people can ask questions and post comments. Theres also “Top News” area with the “Community” section. One of the biggest features that sets Webull apart from the others is that it lets you set the price that you want to buy or sell at. I haven’t seen this option in any other apps.

Speaking of other apps, I do like how Robinhood and Stash give you the ability to buy partial shares. This essentially makes so you can create your own mini ETFs where you can be better diversified. On the home page for both apps it will show you your portfolio total dollar amount. Robinhood is a little better than Stash here because it shows you how your portfolio performed for the day. In Robinhood, when you scroll down the homepage, it shows you the stocks that make up your portfolio, the number of shares you have in each, and how they performed. Below your portfolio is your watchlists where you can keep an eye on companies you might potentially add to your portfolio, you can add or delete whatever companies you want to your list.

The Wallet tab to the right of the homepage tab shows you your cash balance along with recent history of transactions, whether you deposited money or bought/sold stocks. The Search tab is the magnifying glass icon in the middle. You can search for information on different companies here and this is also where Robinhood shows recent news articles related to investing. The Messages tab is to the right of the Search tab and this is where Robinhood will send messages related to updates, announcements, and your purchases. The last tab on the right is your profile with areas for help, settings, and a history of statements.

Those apps are all nice and simple for when you first start investing but once you’re ready to play with some more features and see some more details, that’s when Webull or Fidelity would be a better choice. The first tab on the left for Webull shows your Watchlist and your positions along with how they performed for the day with a line graph, percentage change, and dollar change. The tab to the right of that shows a ton of information such as the performance of the entire stock market, how many stocks advanced or declined, the top gainers and losers, an IPO center displaying information about upcoming IPOs, and a calendar showing when different companies will release earnings statements, dividends, and splits. The middle icon in Webull shows your portfolio total dollar amount, the companies and number of shares within your portfolio, and how well each stock has performed since your purchase price. The icon to the right of the middle is the Community tab where you can see investing news and where people can ask questions and leave comments. Like the other trading platforms, the very right icon is your personal profile where you can find the help center and settings.

When buying or selling on Webull, you can simply click the stock from your Watchlist and that will open up the stock page. Here is the graph showing the price movement for the day, 5 days, 1 month, 3 month, 1 year, 5 year, or Max. Next to the time range is the graph options where you have a variety of different graphs to choose from. Under the chart is the Order Book section where you can see both the dollar price and quantity of shares being asked or bid on. I love this section because it can give you a sense of which direction the price will go before it actually does it, like when you see a bid for 1,000+ shares at a certain price, it will probably move the price in that direction.

When you’re ready to initiate the trade, you can select the price you want to buy or sell at along with the number of shares you want to buy/sell. This feature is HUGE for me because I get frustrated when I try buying during the intraday dip and then the purchase doesn’t go through until the price has gone back up. Let me know what trading platform you use or prefer in the comments below.

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What You Need to Know About ViacomCBS and the Archegos Capital Collapse

Archegos Capital Management is a hedge fund company that recently collapsed after it lost BIG on margin calls. When I say BIG I mean that with a capital B because they lost billions, around $20 billion to be more accurate. This happened because Archegos had leveraged positions on ViacomCBS (VIAC) and GSX Techedu Inc. and when the stock prices of these companies started falling, it triggered margin calls. This left Archegos in a bad position where they needed to sell off $20 billion in shares of those companies to take care of the margin calls.

A number of big banks were involved in this debacle. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were among the first banks to sell off Archegos’s holdings, and they both appear to have avoided taking major hits. Credit Suisse and Nomura Holdings on the other hand were not as lucky as sold their shares after the price had already tumbled. Both Credit Suisse and Nomura Holdings have told shareholders their businesses face “significant” losses.

One of the biggest impacts of this fiasco was ViacomCBS (VIAC) share prices dropping around 50% in value, from a $90-100 range down to its current value around $44. Now that the Archegos meltdown has forced the price of ViacomCBS down, is this a good time to buy? Some analysts are saying to sell, some are saying to buy. I’m not a professional analyst or financial advisor but I personally think it is a buy a this price.

ViacomCBS is the parent company of CBS, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Showtime, and numerous other TV channels. They have moved towards streaming services with Paramount+ and PlutoTV. The stock price was definitely questionable when it quickly skyrocketed to around $100 per share, but at $44, I think it’s a good buy. Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on the Archegos Capital collapse or whether you think it’s a good time to buy some ViacomCBS or to stay away from that mess.

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Good Friday Wraps Up An Interesting Week on Wall Street

There’s no trading in the stock market today because of Good Friday, but there’s been a lot of little stories that have happened this week that I wanted to discuss. The biggest news this week was definitely President Biden’s announcement of his infrastructure plan. I went into detail about his proposal in my last blog “Investing in President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan“. If this plan is put into action, there will be great opportunities to invest in multiple different industries.

Other big news this week was the when the massive cargo ship Ever Given was finally freed from blocking the Suez Canal. The Ever Given had become lodged sideways, blocking the Suez Canal for nearly a week and stopping all international shipping in the area. The debacle started on March 23 and after seven days of dredging and using tugboats, it was finally dislodged on March 29. This blockage caused at least 400 boats to be rerouted and hundreds more were stuck waiting to be able to pass through the canal. Due to the amount of products and materials that were stuck at sea, this blockage cost an estimated $9 billion each day in delayed global trade. The situation is under investigation by the Suez Canal Authority.

The brokerage app Robinhood was in the news again this week but it wasn’t about GameStop or its highly anticipated upcoming IPO. Robinhood is being sued by rapper Ice Cube for trademark infringement. Ice Cube filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday, March 31, accusing Robinhood of damaging his reputation by using his image to promote its products without his consent. Ice Cube claims the trading platform is retaliating against him for his association with Jeff Kwatinetz, his business partner and his civil rights attorney who was involved in a separate lawsuit against Robinhood over the GameStop controversy. Ice Cube is asking the court for an injunction requiring Robinhood to stop using his likeness and also for unspecified monetary damages.

There were some big IPOs that dropped this week including the online learning platform Coursera (COUR) and the newest addition to the ARK Invest ETF lineup, the ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF, or ARKX. Both of these IPOs have had a pretty good first week and they are trading higher than their IPO price. ARKX is managed by famed investor and CEO & CIO of ARK Invest, Cathie Wood. ARKX has received mixed reviews and some criticism over the ETF containing some names like Netflix and Amazon that don’t really have anything to do with space exploration.

It was definitely an interesting week on Wall Street. I will continue to update you with all the latest news and information from around the investment world. Make sure to follow this blog and my other social media platforms. Have a great weekend!

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Investing in President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

On Wednesday, 3/31/21, President Biden made a major announcement when he described his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, the American Jobs Plan. In his plan, he discussed the need to improve the country’s highways, bridges, airports, and power grids. President Biden’s plan also seeks to invest in renewable energy production, electric vehicles, and improving access to high-speed internet. Other industries that will benefit from his plan are semiconductor makers, pharmaceutical developers, and construction companies.

Many companies are going to benefit from an infusion of federal funds, especially those that have been deemed important in addressing climate change. President Biden talked about how he wants to transition fleets of government cars to be electric vehicles, which means more need for charging stations. This will move energy needs away from oil and towards electricity, which can be created with renewable energy production like solar and wind power. This could mean big government incentives for automakers like Ford and GM and also electric vehicle charging companies like EVgo and ChargePoint.

I personally think the company that will benefit the most from this plan will be Tesla because it is already one of the biggest manufacturers of both electric vehicles and charging stations. Tesla is also going to be introducing their highly anticipated semitruck later this year. Beyond vehicles, Tesla also makes solar panels and solor roofs for homes. I’ve already discussed why I think Tesla is a good company to invest in on my previous blog post, Time to Invest in Tesla.

President Biden’s plan is large in scope and he said it would take place over the course of eight years, but I personally think it’s fantastic and a huge step in the right direction for American society. Politics aside, this plan would create a ton of new jobs while providing incentives for companies to be more socially responsible. This plan would improve our country’s deteriorating infrastructure and address the issue of housing shortage which is growing across the country, especially in larger cities. The American Jobs Plan will also create investment opportunities across many different sectors, what sector or companies do you think will benefit? Leave me a comment and let me know. Follow my blog where I post 2-3 times per week about finance and investing news.

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